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Notably the Pineapple industry in Australia Samples for Students

Question: Examine about the Notably the Pineapple business in Australia. Answer: Strikingly, the pineapple business in Australia is absolutely local. Queensland creation of pineapples is defaced by high creation rates and moderate development rates.Also,labor lack is prevailing in this market.Noteworthy,the preparing plant industry has likewise declined by 78% after hardened rivalry from imported pineapple products.Predominantly,Queensland is the primary maker of pineapples in Australia.Further,84,721tonnes of Pineapple were delivered in 2010 with 5% of it being exported.Also,the pineapple industry in Australia was esteemed at $73.2 million dollars(Sanewski and Newett,2012) Creation state Queensland Absolute creation (tons) 84,721 Fare % 5 Industry Value $ 73.2m Source: S. Newett, D, Nambour. The pineapple advertise is the subject of the article. The rural business has the pineapple business. Dominatingly, Pineapples in Australia are developed in the territory of Queensland. Nonetheless, the pineapple showcase has been unfavorably influenced by unnecessary sun beams in the pineapple ranches prompting low volumes of harvestable Pineapples. Low creation of pineapples suggests that most ranchers will lose their harvests along these lines low income and low overall revenues. Subsequently, theres a solid probability to cost increment by ranchers. This is a result of scarcely any amounts of collected pineapples and the additional expense of buying and providing sunblock. Definitely influencing the gracefully and request of pineapples. Critical, utilization of the sunblock is an imaginative move by ranchers to shield their pineapple crops from the destructive and over the top beams of the sun .This will thusly build the expense of creation for the pineapple ranchers. Therefore, the interest and gracefully of pineapples will be influenced by increment in cost. Likewise, the sunblock application on the pineapples causes no quality decreases consequently its appropriateness and comfort to pineapple collectors, canneries and purchasers. Quality and safe pineapple harvests are probably going to expand the benefits of the ranchers because of conceivable cost increment. Evaluated Price versatility of chose Fruits. Mangoes - 0.84 Pineapples - 1.35 Source: FAO Corporate Document Repository. Accessible at Cost flexibility could be versatile, inelastic or unitary elastic.Predominantly,a esteem more noteworthy than one is viewed as flexible, a worth lesser than one inelastic and an equivalent estimation of one is considered unitary.Usually,an increment in cost of an item or administration prompts change in amount requested which in the long run influences the income. New harmony cost Thusly, the all out income will diminish because of the cost increment. The decently value flexibility of the pineapple business will cause less request subsequently less pineapples will be sold which means diminished income. At each cost climb of - 1.35 the interest for pineapples lessens subsequently scarcely any sold pineapples. Similarly, a value decline by a similar versatility will make the income go upwards. Quite, this is on the grounds that more pineapples will be sold because of low costs accordingly increment in absolute income. Outstandingly, natural debasement is a predominant negative externality in many markets of creation. Chopping down of timberlands and development to wetland regions in an offer to extend cultivating of pineapples by hopeful huge scope pineapple ranchers is a developing worry for most economies. Additionally, utilization of unreasonable or conceivably unsafe agrochemicals to support the creation volumes and nature of pineapples is an inescapable supporter of soil and general land corruption. Thusly, there will be ecological contamination which will influence air quality around the influenced zones (Martin, 2016) Furthermore, soil fruitfulness will be influenced and in the end lead to poor collect in this way less income for the government.However,large scale pineapple creation prompts expanded income for the government.Naturally,small pineapple yield will thus prompt low income edges and the other way around. Tax collection by the legislature on cultivating types of gear and instruments of creation raises income for the administration which will thusly bear to offer quality essential items and administrations to its residents at moderate costs (Martin, 2016) Transcendently, advancement has been created through innovative work of better cultivating practices and equipment.Moreover,innovation has made business open doors for researchers and researchers(Pettinger,2016) Positively, agribusiness advances enterprise, confidence, poise of nature through legitimate cultivating rehearses and keeps up great nature of air and the environment.However,poor cultivating methods lessen land esteem, loss of biodiversity, soil disintegration among other negative externalities on the environment.(BlogBio2,2016) Thusly, Organic agribusiness has been proposed to help forestall and decrease ecological contamination through use or natural compost and different practices rather than synthetic concoctions particularly pesticides and manures .Subdsequently,the administration of Australia ought to control cultivating rehearses through guideline and inconvenience of stiffer fines and requires on account of ecological corruption practices(Blogbio2,2016)Funding of Research and improvement activities are an approach to guarantee innovative progressions on great cultivating practices and gear . References Blogb2bio (n.d.) Agriculture Negative extrenalities.Retrieved from negative-externalities Food and Agriculture Organization. (n.d)Section 4: Market immersion and including. Recovered from Sanewski, G and Newett, S. (2012) Industry Situation Statement Pineapple. Agriculture Industry Network. Recovered from explanation pineapple Martin, A. (2016) The harsh side of Pineapple Production. Duke: Nicholas School of the Environment. Recovered From green/the-harsh side-of-pineapple-creation Pettinger, T. (2016).Problems of Agriculture-Market failure.Economics.Help.Retrieved from aspects/issues of-agribusiness advertise disappointment/ Lovely, J., Brett, C., Gee, D (2013) Policy Challenges and needs for disguising the externalities of current Agriculture. Recovered from JEPM-pdf.pdf

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Howard Gardners Theory of Multiple Intelligence Research Paper

Howard Gardners Theory of Multiple Intelligence - Research Paper Example Before talking about the hypothesis of Multiple Intelligences in detail, let us get a short presentation of the scholar, Howard Gardner. Howard Gardner was conceived in the United States in 1943. He got his significant instruction from Harvard University where he contemplated history, social relations, brain science, and human practices. His ideological convictions and discernments are impacted by some key figures identified with the fields of brain science and humanism. A portion of those conspicuous figures incorporate Nelson Goodman, Jean piaget, Erik Erikson, and Jerome Bruner. Right now, Garner is filling in as a teacher in Boston University School of Medicine and Harvard University.Seven Intelligences of the Theory Multiple insight hypothesis recommends that people ordinarily have an assortment of insights that are free of one another (Marchetti, n.d.). This hypothesis is progressively sympathetic and veridical when contrasted with elective perspectives on insight (Gardner, 200 6, p. 6). The seven insights remembered for the Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences model are semantic knowledge, sensible/numerical knowledge, melodic insight, real/sensation knowledge, visual/spatial knowledge, relational knowledge, and intrapersonal insight (Bogin, 2012). Let us examine every one of them in detail so as to build up a comprehension of key intelligences.This insight alludes to the utilization of language to achieve certain objectives. An individual can utilize language to compose something, get the hang of something, and to communicate his/her emotions to others.â â

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Ulysses Simpson Grant Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Ulysses Simpson Grant - Essay Example He actualized techniques that assembled the association armed force effectively finishing up the Civil War in 1865. Anyway the two terms of his administration were relatively less fruitful and practically the entirety of his endeavors coordinated towards remaking and building up social and financial dependability in the states fizzled. The endeavors to blend the general public at last bombed prompting an expanding separate in the middle of the whites and blacks. During the previous period of the common war Grant worked in the province of Illinois where he summoned in volunteers in the Galena regiment and later took it to the state capital, Springfield. s In the capital he kept assembling more people in the military and subsequently raising numerous regiments. Observing this demonstrations of award, and dazzled with his presentation, he was arrangement as a colonel of the Illinois volunteer regiment. He instilled military control in the recently selected warriors of the regiment. Award, effectively as a pioneer, drove these regiments against professional Confederate guerrillas in Missouri and made starting progress. Observing his extraordinary exhibition, and by virtue of the authority abilities that he showed, he was raised as brigadier general. Award was effective in winning a portion of the prior triumphs for the Union powers with the catch of Fort Donelson, on the Cumberland River and Fort Henry on the Tennessee River. The unrestricted acquiescence of confederate Brigadier General Simon B. Buckner, alongside his 14,000 men made Grant a national figure practically for the time being, and he was nicknamed Unequivocal Surrender. With this triumph, he picked up the advancement to significant general of volunteers. Be that as it may, with the spiritless and wasteful presentation at the Battle of Shiloh in Tennessee in April 1862, Grant earned the annoyance of the men in north. Later in 1862, Lincoln advanced Grant as the leader of every single Union power in western Tennessee and northern Mississippi. Other than driving his own Army of the Tennessee, Grant presently had at its order, the Army of the Ohio. Award worked out methodologies for assault on Vicksburg in Mississippi, in the harvest time of 1862. That was one of the Confederate fortifications on the Mississippi River. Having flopped in a few endeavors throughout the winter, Grant contrived another procedure of assault. In April 1863, walking his military towards south along the west side of the stream, he took position on a point well beneath the vigorously safeguarded city. There, with the guide of the Union stream armada, he crossed the waterway and started a quick walk eastbound. On May 12, 1862 he caught Jackson, Mississippi, the capital of the state, legitimately east of Vicksburg. At that point he turned west toward Vicksburg. Afterward, in the mid of May at Champion's Hill and Big Black River, Grant crushed General John C. Pemberton, authority of the Confederate powers guarding Vicksburg, and drove him to arranged situations inside the city. Award's attack on the primary Confederate works at Vicksburg fizzled, be that as it may, and he depended on an attack or seclusion of the city from provisions or fortifications to constrain it to give up. The attack endured a month and a half. On July 4, 1863, suppressed ashore and forestalled by Union powers from getting away over the waterway, Pemberton gave up his 30,000 men to Grant. With compelling war systems and capable organization, he had the option to change over this was in to triumph, one of his

Feminism in Sor Juana Essay -- Sor Juana Estela Portillo Trambley Essa

Woman's rights in Sor Juana In Estela Portillo Trambley’s play Sor Juana the primary character Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz was viewed as perhaps the soonest women's activist. Sor Juana’s everlasting battles to read and unwavering longing for information and shrewdness, from whatever source it might be, bolster this quality. As I would like to think nonetheless, there are additionally noteworthy components of the play that propose that Sor Juana would not be viewed as a genuine women's activist. Of these reasons, there are three significant ones that I will dissect. The main explanation is that Sor Juana surrendered her battle for the obtaining of information from books and agreed to perusing from strictly acknowledged composition, basically surrendering what she had been initially battling for and relinquishing her past beliefs. Also, Sor Juana just battled for herself and what she needed to seek after. She didn't battle for other ladies or in other political, monetary, or social circles. At long la st, the play neglects to distinguish how Sor Juana set any sort of point of reference or model by achieving whatever ladies before her had never practiced. In the rest of this paper I will break down how Trambley’s portrayal of Sor Juana is that of a lady concerned uniquely with her own wants and furthermore a lady that surrendered her battle for individual rights that she had once been so propelled to achieve before starting any trend for ladies as a gathering. One significant explanation that I don't consider Sor Juana to be the â€Å"Americas’ First Feminist† is that she surrendered her battle for what she initially needed so gravely. Before all else, Sor Juana experienced so a lot and endeavored to learn and peruse and accomplish information. She appeared to be so solid, looking past being giggled at and not paid attention to and proceeding with her journey to consider. She started to yield and her unique objectives began to sneak away. â€Å"†¦ and the Church will let me learn.† (151). This statement delineates how Sor Juana joined the cloister to have the option to learn in light of the fact that she was not permitted to learn something else. Sor Juana made due with life in a religious community. She was then compelled to carry on with a stricter way of life and was restricted in her understanding materials. It appears she conformed to little battle. At that point she felt regretful for having utilized God in any case to assist her with accomplishing her objective. This prompted the relinquishment of her unique reason by and large. Sor Juana says, â€Å"My entire life was s... ...hown to help the possibility that Sor Juana achieved whatever ladies before her didn't achieve. Sor Juana says herself, â€Å"I am just a lady unequipped for evolving worlds.† (184). This is additionally a principle reason that Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, as she was spoken to in Trambley’s play, isn't really the â€Å"Americas’ First Feminist.† All in all, the reasons I have talked about above are adequate proof to show that Sor Juana, as she is spoken to in Trambley’s play isn't genuinely the â€Å"Americas’ First Feminist.† Assertive and insightful she was, yet resolved to roll out any improvement to the imbalance experienced by ladies by being something besides a point of reference she was most certainly not. Likewise keeping her from being a genuine women's activist is the way that she was ineffective in achieving something that no lady had done previously. Sor Juana relinquished her battle to follow her fantasies about seeking after something that no lady had ever achieved earlier. She was likewise indifferent with the situation of other ladies, just her own wants to seek after her fantasies. At last, turning out to be simply one more loyal lady following the limitations of society is the thing that forestalls Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz from being a genuine women's activist.

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ACT Math Pre-Algebra Study Guide

Pre-algebra and arithmetic are the fundamental mathematics tested on the ACT Math test. Out of 60 questions, about 10 of them will test pre-algebra concepts. You’ll need to understand the basics of fractions, decimals, roots, integers, ratios, proportions, and basic number properties to solve these questions. You’ll also need to solve simple algebraic expressions and equations. An algebraic expression is a mathematical statement which often uses constants and variables. For example: 5y + 10. An algebraic equation contains an equals sign, such as 5y + 10 = 100. The math actually involved in pre-algebra questions will be fairly simple: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Even though this stuff may seem basic, keep in mind not to confuse simple with easy. The ACT will test your ability to figure out multi-step problems, weed through wordy paragraphs, and determine how to quickly solve questions without making silly errors. What well do in this post is give you a quick overview of topics youll encounter, put them to the test with practice problems, then wrap up with a study plan to perfect those skills! ACT Math Pre-Algebra Topics Number Problems These consist of general word problems that dont really test you on a particular math skill. The hard part is not doing the actual math but figuring out what to do. Here youll find it very useful first figure out what the question is asking for, and then going back and reading the paragraph carefully. Multiples, Factors, and Primes This is where you may need to do some brushing up on your definitions in order to dust off the rust. Knowing how to find the LCM, GCF, and how to do prime factorization are important skills in your toolkit. Percents, Fractions, and Decimals Make sure you remember how to do basic math operations with percents, fractions, and decimals. Yes, you have a calculator, but its going to do you no good if you input the wrong numbers or put the decimal at the wrong spot. Be very diligent about knowing how to figure out percentages, because thats one big area that the ACT test makers can try to trick you on. Proportions and Ratios They are pretty much like fractions, except that proportions and ratios tell you two or more parts of a whole (whereas a fraction only tells you one part out of a whole). The key is knowing how to convert ratios into fractions and vice-versa. Absolute Value The absolute value of a number is its magnitude, regardless of sign. Exponents and Roots An exponent is a number that is to be multiplied by itself a certain number of times. Roots are the opposite of exponents. Taking a root of an exponent returns that number to its original value. Mean, Median, and Mode These are all ways of describing a set of numbers. The mean and median find the â€Å"middle† of a set, while the mode tells you the number that occurs most often. Probability Probability questions can get complicated very quickly, but fortunately, the ACT doesnt go very deep when it comes to this topic. You just need to know how to express probability as a fraction, decimal, or a percent. Pre-Algebra ACT Math Practice Problems Ready to see those concepts in action? Here’s an example of a pre-algebra word problem: A polling firm is making a circle graph to illustrate the results of their recent poll of voters about the upcoming mayoral election. 25% of voters support Kendra Willard; 20% support Steve Jacobson; 15% support Amber Tarkington; and 10% support Harry Fink. The remaining voters either expressed no preference or supported other candidates. These voters will be grouped together into the category â€Å"Other Response.† What will be the degree measure of the Other Response sector? 216 120 108 54 30 Though this might seem intimidating because it’s a word problem, notice how easy that math involved is! All we have to do is add up the percentages for the supporters of the various named candidates: 25% + 20% + 15% + 10% = 70%. This means that the Other Responses sector must represent the remaining 30%. Heres the tricky part: since the question is looking for the degree measure of this portion, 30% of 360 degrees in a circle is 108 degrees. The correct answer is choice three, 108. Here’s a slightly more challenging question: A and B are reciprocals (when multiplied together their product is 1). If A -1, then B must be which of the following? B 1 0 B 0 B 1 0 B -1 0 B -1 The easiest way to solve this is to plug in numbers. Since A -1, lets choose numbers to look for a pattern: Lets try A = -1, since that is the upper limit. -1 x B = 1 B = -1 Lets try A = -2 -2 x B = 1 B = -1/2 Now try A = -3 -3 x B = 1 B = -1/3 We can see a pattern emerging: as A decreases in value, B increases slightly and slowly approaches (but will never reach) 0. Therefore B must be between 0 and -1answer choice four. ACT Math Pre-Algebra Study Plan Depending on how comfortable you are with math, you may not need to review the actual pre-algebra skills. The important thing is to be able to read through a problem and know what the ACT is testing you on. Once you start to recognize the patterns in the wording of the questions, it becomes much easier to know what action to take and what information to discard. Start out by going through ACT practice problems and think about each step as you go. Circle key words, phrases, and cross out info you dont need. After you get comfortable with that, gradually work up to speed. Remember to time yourself to make sure you are averaging under one minute per problem.

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Technology Assessment Essay - 550 Words

Technology Assessment (Essay Sample) Content: Technology Assessment in the Healthcare IndustryStudents NameCollege Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc379869157" Technology Assessment in the Healthcare Industry  PAGEREF _Toc379869157 \h 3 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc379869158" Information Technology (IT) in the healthcare  PAGEREF _Toc379869158 \h 3 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc379869159" Computerized Provider Order Entry  PAGEREF _Toc379869159 \h 4 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc379869160" Quality and Health Information Technology  PAGEREF _Toc379869160 \h 5 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc379869161" Conclusion  PAGEREF _Toc379869161 \h 7 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc379869162" References  PAGEREF _Toc379869162 \h 8 Technology Assessment in the Healthcare IndustryThe trend of technological innovation and development is increasingly becoming part and parcel of human life. Ideally, technological advancements have changed many aspects of human growth and development in most parts of the world (Duplag a, 2006). Despite significant trend of improved healthcare services due to technological innovations, the industry still face myriad of challenges in fully adopting technology. This is owed to the high cost and availability of quality healthcare in the society. Therefore, healthcare industry needs to fully implement technological innovations through involvement of all stakeholders. The stakeholders include patients, health providers, claim processors, clinical staff, underwriters, auditors, policy makers, insurance agents among others (Fasano, 2013). This would enhance the provision of effective, efficient and quality healthcare services in the society. Consequently, medical practitioners and stakeholders have acknowledged several technological innovations in the healthcare industry. These include medical devices systems, pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures, medical waste management and disposal (Fasano, 2013). However, the most significant technology in the healthcare industry i s the use of information communication technology. Information Technology (IT) in the healthcareIT is the most significant technological advancement required in the healthcare industry. Generally, information technology enables the collection, storage, retrieval, and transfer of healthcare services by the use of electronic devices (Jones, 2011). It is argued that full implementation IT will improve quality, efficiency and safety of healthcare services delivered in the society. However, the choice of Information Technology to be purchased by a medical facility will depend on administrative, clinical and infrastructural factors. For example; first, healthcare administrators are able to make hospital billings for their respective clients. This helps in maintaining clear financial records of the client for later use by administrators and financial auditors. Hence, there is improved financial transparency and accountability of the healthcare facility. In addition, administrators use IT i n maintaining general ledgers, scheduling, patient registration and electronic materials. Secondly, IT is used in maintaining electronic health records (EHRs) of the patients (Jones, 2011). Clinicians are able to keep track records of entry, healthcare data. EHRs have been used in hospitals to track patients who sneak from the hospitals. There are cases when patients have left healthcare facility without following the right procedure. This could be attributed to failure to clear hospital bills, psychological restlessness caused by health condition and/or hospital environment. Computerized Provider Order EntryComputerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) has often been utilized by clinicians and administrators in providing orderly medical services process. Patients are able to follow strict rules and procedures in seeking laboratory, radiology, transfer, discharge or referral services (Fasano, 2013). Fourth, the use computerized of clinical decision support system (CDSS). This system offe rs physicians and nurses with up-to-date diagnostic and treatment recommendations of various diseases. Physicians, researchers, stakeholders and World health organization have developed installable medical symptoms, diagnostic, possible treatment and control measures of various diseases. Prior to this technology, there were many cases of misdiagnosis and treatment of diseases made by physicians and other medical practitioners (Fasano, 2013). The victim patients developed drug complications such as resistance/allergies, mutations or sometimes died. Fifth, information technology can be used in picture archiving and communication system (PACS). Diagnostic and radiological images are captured and integrated in a computerized software system. It is used in the dissemination of x-ray services, repository data among others. Sixth, IT can be used in healthcare to facilitate bar coding foe example optical scanner is used to capture encoded medical information needed by opticians. Seventh, th e automated dispensing machine (ADM) is used in the distribution of medication doses. This involves the use of catheter-like machines in administering patients with medication dose as prescribed and captured in the system. It enhances time management in the healthcare facility. Eight, healthcare organizations may use electronic material management (EMM) to track and manage supply of pharmaceuticals, resource planning among others. Moreover, medical organizations are able to enhance security and privacy safeguards through the messaging system. Quality and Health Information TechnologyDespite the key the important medical services offered by the use of IT in the health sector, further research should be done to medical enhance quality. This is because poor medical link between healthcare information Technology and implementation strategies (Fasano, 2013). The inability to carry frequent and continuous research hinders healthcare industry from getting up-to-date IT guidelines and clini cal information. For examples, institute of medical research established that the usage of IT is varied in relation to healthcare setting. Hence, pharmacies and home based healthcare providers have endorsed mobile phone usage in communicating with their clients. There are also numerous online social media network that provide healthcare consultant services to the public. However, these strategies should be used controllably to enhance privacy. This is because of the controversies caused by accessing another patients medical information (Jones, 2011). Apart from privacy, many factors have inhibited the adoption of improved technology in the healthcare industry. The investment cost of IT remains a major challenge in the implementation of efficient healthcare. Stakeholders have prioritized on healthcare information technologies which can return installation cost without delay. This selective adoption of IT cause financial loses not only to healthcare provider but also to economic statu s of the country.However, various governments offer various financial interventions to healthcare service providers and encourage private-public partnership to enhance efficient healthcare provision. In addition, private-public partnership ensures the sustainability in the provision of improved healthcare services (Jones, 2011). Ideally, the cost of purchasing healthcare technology is much less compared to sustainably implementation. This is because new medical applications should be efficiently tested and integrated in the existing ones. Poor information technology providers are also cited to be an impediment in the adoption of modern healthcare services. Information technological providers face challenges in offering effective and satisfactory products and services to buyers. Policy makers have significantly formulated rules and regulations that facilitate the delivery of quality IT products and services to healthcare providers. Governments recommend the use of the procureme...

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Paper - 1208 Words

Kenya Bradley Kenya Bradley Before you begin, save this document to your computer. You will need to submit your answers in the area indicated below. | The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a national law that protects a patient’s rights to privacy. As a Medical Administrative Assistant, it is important for you to understand and uphold this law to protect your patients’ health information. In this assignment, you will practice applying HIPAA regulations. Click here to download the Personal Health Record (PHR) to answer the first three questions. | Tips for answering questions: * Read the question more than twice, if necessary, to make sure you understand what you are asked to do. * Find the key†¦show more content†¦Moodey is not to discuss the patients lab results at all with anyone other than the patient because assistant are there to greet and make patient trust them to better help them with their needs. John should have been told that they contact him on his cell phone when the results are in but he needs to give personal information to see them on line. When the results come in Sally does not have to contact the patient because it is the patient job to make a appointment to rebook. | Question 2: Holly Valez called Dr. Moodey’s office on Monday morning to see when the paper work to release John to go back to work would be completed. Can Sally tell Holly when the forms will be ready to pick up? Explain briefly why or why not. | 10 points | Directions to complete Question 2: * Use short responses, in complete sentences with proper grammar and spelling * Length of response should be between 2 to 3 sentences per question. | Answer:Holly Valez called Dr. Moodey’s office Monday for the results for John but from my understanding that is not allowed being that confidentiality of personal information is not to be given out. How is not to tell anyone but the patient when the forms will be in. Answering the question no Holly is not allowed to give John information out not even the date without consent. | (See next page for part 3) Question 3: John was involved in an automobile accident and was taken to the Emergency Department by ambulanceShow MoreRelated Paper761 Words   |  4 Pages In the 1790s members of the industry in both Paris and London were working on inventions to try to mechanise paper-making. In England John Dickenson produced the cylinder machine that was operational by 1809. Although useful for smaller enterprises, this lacked the large scale potential of the machine resulting from the invention of Nicholas-Louis Robert in Paris, which had a more complicated incubation period. The last of the early improvements to this machine were financed by the Fourdrinier brothersRead MoreReflection Paper836 Words   |  4 Pagesand integrating quotes. Before my papers were full of â€Å"she said† and â€Å"she would say†; which was boring and showed poor ability to lengthen my word choice. I also had a tendency to just throw quotes in and not integrate it into my writings. By the end of my English 101 class my papers began to present with words like â€Å"the author noted†, or â€Å"she stated† along with many other word choices and proper ways of using quotes. Here is an example from my final research paper: â€Å"Author Stephanie Jackson, a certifiedRead MoreOn Behalf of Paper1685 Words   |  7 PagesFor centuries, people have read and learned on paper. It has loyally served man as the ideal vehicle for conveying our thoughts, feelings, and ideas. In recent years, an opponent has risen: computers. The computer brought the world to our fingertips, to the palm of our hands, but is this competitor superior? Should we drop the written and printed empire that had dominated and quenched our thirst for knowledge for so long? Paper has served an ever-changing world well, constantly adapting and morphingRead MoreReflection Paper1317 Words   |  6 Pagesused to struggle with forming my thoughts into writing, let alone a paper. I was never confident with what I wrote. My writing had no greater purpose other than the assignment. My writing process included: writing my paper, proofreading it, and turning it in. Once the paper left my hands, it also left my mind. Throughout this course we worked with others, visited the writing lab, wrote critiques, and we were able to revise our papers. I believe that all of this is has caused me to grow greatly as aRead More History of Paper1180 Words   |  5 Pages The first historical mention of paper is 104 A.D. in China. The Empress of China at that time loved books and wanted to have a lot of them made. At the time everything was written on silk scrolls which were extremely expensive and time consuming to make. She wanted something cheaper and easier to use and so she asked one of her servants, a gentleman by the name of Tsi Lun to come up with an alternative. He worked for over nine years experimenting with different things and finally came up with hempRead MoreImportance Of Writing Paper870 Words   |  4 Pages Writing papers have not always been my favorite thing to do. The main reason why I detested writing papers, was because I considered my English horrible. English is not my native language and learning it was difficult i n my opinion. Especially, when as a child the only place where you could speak English was at school. Other than that, the only language I was allowed to speak at home was Spanish. Throughout the years I eventually got the hang of it, and at the beginning of fourth grade, I was placedRead MoreCharacteristics And Quality Of A Paper1062 Words   |  5 PagesChoosing the right paper is more complex and it requires more work than just picking any expensive sheet and keeping your fingers crossed. To choose the right paper, you should not choose one based on the highest quality available, or the most expensive one. Instead, you should choose your paper based on the paper size options, durability, finishing, color, the paper weight, price, availability, opacity, and brightness. To choose between the function and quality of a paper is not very easy. It isRead MoreSelf-Reflective Paper 838 Words   |  3 Pagesfixed. Although it was a process, I finally got around to clearly understanding what the objectives were for English 1302 and how to apply them to my papers for this course. The first objective that is given in the syllabus is to meet the requirement of 20 pages total by the end of the course. The objective includes being able to revise and edit papers in a proper fashion. There was a time where revising and editing did not seem important, however, it can make a significant difference in a grade.Read MoreRecycling Waste Paper11594 Words   |  47 PagesPaper recycling  is the process of recovering waste paper and remaking it into new paper products. There are three categories of paper that can be used as feedstocks for making recycled paper: mill broke, pre-consumer waste, and post-consumer waste.[1]  Mill broke  is paper trimmings and other paper scrap from the manufacture of paper, and is recycled internally in a  paper mill.  Pre-consumer waste  is material which left the paper mill but was discarded before it was ready for consumer use.  Post-consumer  wasteRead MoreCarabao Grass Paper17210 Words   |  69 PagesINTRODUCTION History Paper is believed to have originated in China sometime around A.D. 105. Its invention is credited to a Chinese artisan by the name of Tsai-Lun. Tsai Lun created the first type of paper by mixing macerated cellulose fiber with water. His method was simple. He beat rags to a pulp and diluted this with lots of water. He then drained the resultant mixture through a form of a sieve. The fibers matted together and, when it dried, formed what we know now as paper. This papermaking process